Retinol cream side effects

The retinol cream has effect of layer skin

Effect of the retinol cream

The retinol cream has effect of layer skin and cellular level by has effect on the cell formation and abnormal cell formation and adjust to normal. It also reduces the formation of oily, which often is used in the treatment of acne, because acne is caused by excess oil in the oil glands beneath the skin.

If you have an allergic reaction of retinol cream, you should stop

Side effect of retinol cream

Side effects that make people understand that vitamin A acid can peel the skin. Fact, it does not apply to peel skin, but it makes the skin dry, peeling and allergic sunlight. This is why people use it to peeling skin. If you have an allergic reaction, it should stop.

The people use retinol cream to peeling skin

Duration of action of the retinol cream

How long will without acne. How long will a good skin. At first the skin is allergic, dry and some of peeling. It generally takes about 10 weeks than the skin cells to adapt to the drug and return to normal. The effect would be as long as you take the drug. But when you stop using it, you need to apply sunscreen strictly to prevent the cell back to its original state before use drug. (You should consult with a medical professional).